Cities 97 Frequent Listener Club: Look For Your Name


Look For Your Name

Look For Your Name

One of the many perks of being a Cities 97 Frequent Listener Club Member is having easy access to exclusive daily prizes on - No extra pesky forms to fill out - Simply, just by being a member, your name will automatically be in the mix to win CDs, DVDs, concert tickets, Studio C invites and more! All you have to do is look for your name each day! See your name, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page before midnight and you're done, you've won!

Not a Frequent Listener Club Member yet? Click here to sign up and be sure to choose 'yes' when it asks 'Would you like to receive our emails with exclusive station updates?'

Here are today's prizes + names:

No prizes this week - Check back on Monday, March 2nd for a new prize!


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