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Valentine's Day Social Media Picture Ideas!

Brent Hines Roving Correspondent for the American Refugee Committee (ARC), based in Minneapolis joined us today to talk about Valentine's Day which is around the corner.  For those of you with pictures of you and your honey all over Facebook and Instagram, check out these print studios that will take your photos and turn them into super creative gifts for your boo!

2. Postagram - Postagram is all about postcards you make, printed with your photos and delivered for you. This phone app  lets you choose your photo from your phone (Instagram or otherwise) and then turn it into a postcard. Then you type in a short message, add the address and click send. Postagram will then print your postcard and mail it for you, including postage. Brilliant.
Perfect for: Keeping the romance going after Valentine's day. While you're on a date, snap the perfect picture. Then, when she's not looking, turn it into a postcard and hit send. She'll get it in a couple of days with your note reminding her how you love her every day of the year.

3.Stitchtagram - Stitchtagram makes cloth products like throw pillows, tote bags, coin purses, and clutches.There's a lot of super cute potential here, plus everything is handmade in D.C. I love the idea of his and his pillows. And if you check out their blog, dog-lovers are already going crazy over them. Plus the coin purse or clutch would make a great gift for your teen daughter who needs a Valentine's Day pick-me-up.

Perfect for: Couch cuddlers. If you’re planning to cozy up on the couch for a Valentine’s Day movie, have a pillow with some of your favorite  memories waiting. Pillows could be his and hers!

4. Imagesnap - Imagesnap is all about turning your photos into photo tiles. These would make great coasters. They even sell precut cork backing to go along with the tiles. The tiny tiles are perfect for fridge magnets, and in face, come with free adhesive magnets. Plus, tiling with a few would be a super cool way to customize your wall.

Perfect for: Couples that are remodeling or just bought a house. Make a few tiles from photos of your cruise for the bathroom. Or take some of  those ubiquitous food shots and put your favorite meals in your kitchen backsplash.

5. Sticky Gram - Sticky Gram is a cheaper way to make photo magnets. These are quick and easy, and give a lighthearted feel to V-day

Perfect for: Someone who wants to lighten the mood. Take a bunch of goofy-face photos and print them as magnets. Then, before he goes to work,  stick them all over his car!
Perfect for: Elegant and whimsical couples. Want elegance? Print a set of photos and frame them between glass. Want whimsical? Print stickers  of your favorite memories (252 stickers for only $10!). Plan a dinner at home and place stickers so that she'll find them throughout the night, giving you plenty of chances to run through your favorite moments together.

Brent Hines is the Roving Correspondent for the American Refugee Committee (ARC), based in Minneapolis. Brent started traveling when he was 15 and now roves around the world documenting ARC stories via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other media. He's a photographer, writer and storyteller who believes that there has never been more opportunities to celebrate the small things that make us who we are. In other words, you go ahead and Instagram that macaroni casserole. You made it. It's awesome!!!

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