Playlist: Valentunes for Valentine's Day

Whether you're wooing or wallowing, this hand-picked playlist will put you in the mood for love...or put you in a mood to stew over being single.

    Album: Brandi Carlile - 'XOBC' EP
    Standout track: 'Heaven'

    A genuinely sweet and sincere EP. Her cover of Bryan Adam's 'Heaven' is not to be missed.
    Album: Meiko - 'You and Me' EP
    Standout track:'Stuck on You'

    This one is 'cutesy' and we mean that in the best possible way. Little, hand-drawn hearts have been know to blissfully, fly out of your ear-buds when playing this one.
    Album: Jason Mraz - Love is a Four Letter Word (Deluxe)
    Standout track: 'You Fckn Did It'

    Jason balances out a longing desire for companionship with a quiet acceptance that you can't force love. If you're looking for a slightly explicit, skat-rapped love poem 'You Fckn Did It' is the track for you.
    Album: Ed Sheeran - '+'
    Standout track: 'Give Me Love'

    This is one of those soul-stirring selections, you know the kind leaves you wishing that someday, someone would write a song like 'Give Me Love' about you. Intense.
    Album: Ingrid Michaelson - 'Snowfall EP'
    Standout track:'I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm'

    The EP is certainly more of a love-letter to winter (appropriate given our current weather conditions) but her take on the Irving Berlin classic is worth the price of admission and a fitting addition to any V-day playlist.
    Album: Maroon 5 - '1.22.03 Acoustic' EP
    Standout track: 'Sunday Morning'

    Ignoring the oddball inclusion of their cover of 'Highway to Hell' this EP has all of the confident, sexiness that made 'Songs About Jane' one of the most popular releases of the early 2000's but strips away all of the poppy album production leaving us with a very sweet & jazzy acoustic collection. Easily one of the best versions of 'Sunday Morning' available.
    Album: Sara Bareilles - 'Kaleidoscope Heart'
    Standout track: 'Hold My Heart'

    Still searching for love? Sara sheds some of her confidence and swagger to reveal her vulnerabilities when it comes to love. If you need a little hope today, give this one some consideration.
    Album: Matt Nathanson - 'Beneath These Fireworks'
    Standout track: 'Sad Songs'

    If Matt's 2007 smash 'Come on Get Higher' was your first introduction to his music, you have some homework to do. 'Fireworks' covers the spread when it comes to unrequited love and longing and it sounds just as fresh and relevant as it did when it came out in 2003.
    Album: Mat Kearney - 'Young Love' (Deluxe)
    Standout track: 'Learning to Love Again'

    While not the most romantic selection in our list, there's just something very appealing about the way Mat tells his stories. By the end of the record, you'll be reminiscing fondly about your past romances and you'll likely find yourself awash in gratitude for the love that's been cast your way.
    Album: The Bird & the Bee - 'One Too Many Hearts' EP
    Standout track: 'Birthday'

    Steeped in melancholy, this one works for the lovelorn and deeply in-love just the same.